Rooftop On-Grid Solar Power Projects for Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Consumers


Save Your Monthly Electricity Bill for the rest of your life.

Save the Income Of your Firm by 40%.

Save 5% on your property tax Each Year.

Turn Key Projects for Ground Mounted Solar Plants.

Solar resource estimation

Project Development & Design


Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

Approvals & Permits

Testing & Commissioning

Project Consultation


Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

PPA for Power Purchase


AMC and OMC for Solar Plants

If you have already installed a solar Plant before from Some One Else and you are not getting desired results from that plant, we can help you by providing AMC and OMC services.

You can sit back and enjoy the results.

Energy Audit

Saving is earning.

Sometimes your appliances and equipment are consuming more power due to wrong installations or old installations.

You can save a lot of energy by taking some appropriate actions.

We provide energy audit services to do complete health check-ups of electrical installations at your premises.

View of the solar power plant on a green field. Electric farm with panels for producing clean ecologic energy.

Solar Water Pumping, Street Light Solutions

Install solar Water Pump in your farm and be independable from Load shedding.

Increase your productivity and benefit from it.

Solar battery Back up Solutions

This type of system is ideal for remote unelectrified locations where we can generate the power using solar energy in the daytime and store it in a battery to use at night.


EV Charging Stations

2 wheeler and 4 wheeler EV charging stations
Application for slot booking
App for checking Payment history